About Enversed

Virtual Reality at Enversed

The Enversed VR Center is the number one location to experience VR together. Enversed uses several VR rooms and VR simulators for you to enjoy. We create our own VR content which are completely focussed on teambuilding, competition and multiplayer based interaction.

How does it work?

Pre-eminent technology guaranties a fantastic experience.

Real World

With our VR goggles, headsets, and hand controllers, you will be fully immersed in all of the VR experiences. Whether you are running, jumping, or crawling, our system perfectly follows your every move.

Virtual World

Once you put on your VR goggles, your environment transforms into a completely different world. Meanwhile, you have access to infinite possibilities with your hand controllers. You could use them as a bow and arrow, for instance!

The VR Experiences

Our main priority is to make sure people have fun! That is why we have designed so many of our VR experiences to be played together with others: from vertigo experiences to thrilling shooters to grilling hamburgers together. Perfect for the true action and adventure lovers, as well as less experienced players.

Still not sure about what to try? Don’t worry. Our VR crew will be on hand to recommend the best VR experiences for your party.

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The Enversed VR Room

A VR experience at Enversed starts in one of our, specially designed, VR Rooms. High tech and ready for action!

Live video feed

4K monitors that show you exactly what other players are seeing.

Lounge set included

A comfortable couch to catch your breath with, perhaps, a snack and a drink.

Blazing fast

High end MSI gaming systems, ready to take you to our virtual world.

Freedom of movement

An open space of 30 square meters is a perfect arena for two players.

Experience it for yourself!

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