Update Corona virus

Our adjusted house rules:

Update April 1st.

Due to the most recent press conference, we will close our doors until April 20th.

Measures and precautions

All VR headsets will be cleaned thoroughly after each use.

All controllers will be cleaned thoroughly after each use.

We provide disposable VR masks that will prevent direct contact with any VR headset.

All of our crew members will wear hand gloves.

The VR headsets that we use for instructions won’t be used by visitors.

We only offer VR programmes in which we can guarantee appropriate distances between VR players.

Disinfectant hand gel will be available in our VR center.

VR crew members will keep their distance while assisting you during your visit.

Toilets and other specified surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned at least one time per our.

By applying floor markers, we can create zones in which we can guarantee distances of 1.5 meters.

When necessary, we create extra waiting zones in which appropriate distances are guaranteed.