Virtual Reality on your location.

VR Christmas Party!

Are you looking for some entertainment for your annual Christmas get-together? Than you have come to the right place! Enversed brings Virtual Reality to your event. Our VR Christmas Party offers an all-inclusive VR package that will provide you with an unforgettable year-end event!

VR on location
  • Available in the Netherlands
  • For small and larger groups
  • From 60 minutes up to multiple days
Enversed offers:
  • Fully set VR set-up
  • Enthousiastic VR-personnel
  • Unique multiplayer games
  • Full service, including transport
A unique experience without the hassle

A VR Christmas Party is actually very simple: we deliver the VR hardware and set it up for you. Our VR crew ensures that everyone can experience VR at its best! We offer unique gaming content in which you are challenged to play against eachother but also work as a team. A great combination of teambuilding and competition!

When the Christmas party ends, we make sure the full VR set-up will be packed and ready to go ensuring that you and your colleagues have a unique experience without the hassle. Do you want more information about the possibilities? Please contact our customer service!

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What can we offer?

We provide full service: from tech to on-site personnel.

Physical VR games

As a couple you make use of over 30 square meters as your playing area. Our games allow you to walk, run and jump around. Entertainment for VR players and audience!

Always together

Many of our VR games support multiplayer modes. This means you can see other players in VR! Depending on the game you can either compete or cooperate.

Tech without the hassle

We can set up everything for you. All you need this enough space and a power outlet!


Our VR crew will stay around to start games, provide you with any explanation and make sure everyone’s able to play our VR games.

Great to look at

Everything players see in Virtual Reality will be displayed on large TV screens. This is perfect for the audience to enjoy it as well.

What type of games can you play?

From making hamburgers to stacking penguins and archery tournaments. The possibilities are endless!

Suitable for everyone

All our games need little to no explanation and use intuitive controls. That way, you do not have to be an experienced VR player!


Enversed offers unique multiplayer games in which you have to work together. A great way to impress your boss at the party!


We also offer games in which two or more players compete against each other. A little competition never hurt anyone!

We provide entertainment that suits everyone.

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You can also pay a visit to the Enversed Virtual Reality Center where we offer different VR-packages for company outings or group-, friends and family outings. Please have a look at our VR packages.